Your Unconscious Mind – The Language Of The Body

Your Unconscious Mind - The Language Of The Body

Our body is the storehouse of our memories and emotions. Our unconscious mind holds the key. It can open the door to present information to our conscious mind for interest, resolution or remembrance. It can close the door and archive the emotions and memories away for future reference.

Unresolved experiences and emotions simmer away. They can be uncomfortable to remember but, unbeknown to us, also uncomfortable to store.

Our unconscious mind speaks to us using what I call the language of the body. Without being consciously aware of it we sometimes articulate where the problem or issue we are consciously talking about is stored in our body.

An Australian author, Annette Noontil, who wrote The Body Is The Barometer Of The Soul says it best with this quote:

Disease does not bring pain. The pain of your soul brings disease. Pain is good because it gives you the idea that you need to look into yourself. Use the pain.

This concept is best explained with my own experience. Recently, when visiting a kineseologist, the emotion raised was heart felt distress. Once my body released the emotion I spent several days acutely aware of lightness in my chest area. Its very difficult to articulate, as the feeling was noticeable by the absence of the emotion. I had not been aware of it previously; until it was gone.

Some common language of the body are things such as:

    My back is up against the wall Its a pain in the neck Carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders The situation is a headache (or a nightmare?!) I just cant see it (my lament before I experienced a detached retina!) Trouble standing on ones own two feet Shouldering the burden Having my arms full Lacking direction (problems with legs or feet)

This is rudimentary stuff. I’m sure you could think of others.

The above-mentioned book explains:

    Concepts and organs that are connected with which chakras or energy centre; for example Chakra One is affected by dissatisfaction, unworthiness, impatience and many other negative concepts . Which positive concepts are connected with which bones, ligaments, muscles, nerves, and tendons; for example Right Scapula (shoulder) is associated with taking responsibility of your time, seeing it is directed for your benefit. Ailments and the associated attitudes that go against you; for example colour blindness: not seeing things as they are or ear infection: stagnating, impatience and not tolerating new information.

There is much I dont understand. Many people are more clever than I when it comes to the language of the body. I marvel that this information is available. Where did such knowledge come from? So often I have proven it worthy from personal experience and in the cases of clients.

Again in the words of Donna Noontil:

“Understand that you are a soul with a physical body (not a physical body with a soul), a spiritual being energy and that soul is the energy or the life force that keeps the cells of your body alive”.

At that rate, I think its worth listening to what my body has to say. If I can hear than maybe I can understand.

After all, the unconscious mind holds the blueprint for perfect health.