Why I Want To Donate My Hair

Why I Want To Donate My Hair

While visiting my family for a baby shower recently, I learned that my little sister, who had had long hair, had gotten her hair cut to about shoulder length and had donated the cut hair to Locks of Love. The organization would then use her hair to make wigs for cancer patients. Wearing a wig, a patient would be able to go out in public and feel less self-conscious. I have been wanting to donate my own hair, which is currently brown and shoulder-length, but I have a problem.

Several years ago, I colored my hair for a wedding. Some of the hair in my bangs had turned gray, and I wanted to look younger. Looking younger would help me to feel better about myself and might, I hoped, help me to have better luck finding and keeping a job. Now, several jobs later, I have learned that employers tend to look at other things, such as how fast and how well you perform your assigned tasks, whether you look for more work to do once you have completed your assigned tasks, and how well you interact with your coworkers, rather than your hair color. I have also learned that my blog is one of the best types of work for me, because writing and publishing fits my introverted personality. It also allows me to work when and where I choose. Finally, it allows me to give. With my blog, I give by sharing my words with the world. However, I want to give more. I am hoping to find an organization that accepts color-treated hair so that I can grow my hair long and then donate it to those who need it. I would then be able to help people to live better lives.

Students, for example, would be able to go to school and avoid the uncomfortable, self-conscious feeling that comes from being stared at. Rather than feeling uncomfortable, they would hopefully feel confident. Confidence would likely help them to do better in school. Students are not the only individuals who would benefit from feeling confident, however. Adults would also benefit.

Adults would benefit from feeling confident because the confidence would allow them to leave their house, rather than hiding from the world. With their confidence, they could do what they wanted to do. They could go to the mall to buy a new outfit, for example, or visit a new restaurant in their area.

Hopefully, I will find an organization that will accept my hair. That way, those in need will be able to live the lives that they deserve to live.