Why Do People Tell Lies

Why Do People Tell Lies

It is really interesting to know what the reason behind telling lies is. Children to Adults of any age tell lies at one point or the other, whether silly or serious. Some lies are harmful to yourselves and others but some are harmless.

The basic reason to tell a lie is to cover up something which you have done wrong or something bad happened to you or your close ones. There are other cases where you are forced to tell lies or give wrong statements to escape out of severe punishment. Here you may not be willing to do so but the situation is like that and you will be forced to take up such actions.

It is said that if a lie which you tell, saves one innocent persons life which is in danger is forgivable. But a lie which puts an innocent persons life into danger is not at all forgivable. It does not mean that you can lie according to the situation.

It is a psychological issue that makes you tell lies most of the times. You know very well that you are lying. But your conscious mind does not want to accept it. To counter one lie you may have to tell several lies under many situations so that you always are on the winning side.

It is found that children start telling lies at the age of 4 to 5. From there onwards they tell lies silly and serious at various stages of life. Usually people tell lie to gain some personal benefits. There are people who occasionally lie about small and big things. They are generally known as pathological liars. They are people who want them to be always on the winning side, avoiding punishment. There are sociopaths, who are people with anti-social personality disorders, who always tell lies for their personal benefits.

The result of telling lies influences a person very much. If one feels that he has escaped out of punishment in the first instance of telling a lie, he will most probably repeat it at similar instances and that becomes a habit. Initially he will be a pathological liar who will turn out to be a sociopath which is very serious.

By telling a lie, you are damaging your trustworthiness. If you happen to be a victim of some ones lies then you naturally tend to build up mistrust with him/her and others as well because you cannot judge who is telling the truth at times and you start treating everyone like a liar. Your life will be more difficult thereafter.

How can we make out that one is telling a lie? It is normally easy. One who tells a lie may not look at you directly avoiding an eye contact with you. He or she will be generally nervous. So their body language is another sign. Because of nervousness, their voice will be abnormal you can make out from the pitch changes.

We all know that in court cases, most of the times the advocates train their clients to tell lie to win the case. In other cases when one is under police custody, to avoid further torture he/she will accept a fault or take responsibility of a crime. This is to save their lives which otherwise would be in danger. In some other cases, people are bribed to accept responsibility of a crime to protect some other important persons. These are things we see daily in our life. Such people are forced to tell lie even though they are innocent.

How many of us have not lied to our boss saying I missed the bus or I was held up in traffic jam for reaching late in the office? These simple ones are not harmful to anyone but at the same time you escape out of getting into bad books of your boss. But if you repeat the same very often, then your boss can easily find out that you are a liar. Please dont do this. Be punctual and sincere in your works.

Children who do not want to go to their school often pretend to be sick and we as parents support it end up sending a leave letter or a remark in the school diary. These are common in our lives. But repetition is very harmful because children take this as reason granted and they lose their valuable study time. They wont realize it unless they are told about the seriousness of their actions.

Parents must make their children understand the seriousness of telling lies. Sometimes fearing a punishment from the parents, children hide their examination papers and progress reports and pretend to have not received the same. But they cannot hide it for long and then the punishment can be more serious. It is good to give mild punishments so that they do not repeat the same mistakes.

It is difficult to deal with adult liars when compared to children because to convince an adult and make him understand about the seriousness is more difficult because of the ego.

It may be very easy to tell a lie. But to get away with it may not be that easy and sure one day the liar will be caught and the truth will be revealed. No one can fool every other one always.