To Invest Or Not To Invest In Your Personal Development: This Is The Question

To Invest Or Not To Invest In Your Personal Development: This Is The Question

If you are working in a big company, you think for sure you are one of the fortunate people benefitting of training programs and even of an MBA paid by your employer.

Big companies understand very well that their results are based on the quality of people working with them. Thats why they budget big amounts of money for developing their employees skills and knowledge. Top employees benefit of more expensive programs such as leadership coaching and executive training sessions. The education you get from your company is very good and is for you an opportunity to discover not only that you can do your job more efficiently but that you can achieve more in life thinking and doing everything in a different way as well.

But you need to keep in mind that all the development programs the company is paying for you are selected following your companys objectives, and not your personal goals. Some of the things you learn might develop your skills, knowledge and attitudes in life, but all are meant only to serve the company. The company always thinks to itself, not to you!

If you really intend to develop yourself, you shouldnt relay too much on the programs paid by your company. You need to think to your life plan before thinking at your career plan. You are the only one responsible for your life. No one else will take care of you except yourself. If you realize this, you will have both a good career and a good life.

So, dont neglect your own development objectives and make plans for yourself. Decide what you need to learn, which skills you need to develop and train your mind. Buy inspirational books, enroll in training programs and follow a daily plan just for your development needs. Discover what you really like to do and develop your aptitudes and talents. Invest in your talents and in time your investment will pay off both the time spent and the money.

Some people pay easily for new TV sets or new mobile phones which become obsolete in two years and avoid investing in their own evolution. With the new electronics they buy they prefer to improve their life for a short time instead of investing in their talents and in their mind trainings to improve their entire life up to the end.

The years are passing, young people become mature and then they get older. They leave behind opportunities to grow and in this way their life goes day by day and they complain of not being fortunate enough to receive more from the fate.

During these crisis and recession times, we saw many people fired by companies in which they spent all their youth. They are probabely more fortunate than those which will be fired in the next years. They have now the opportunity to learn from their experience and to take their destiny in their hands. The others are still asleep, relaying on their companies protection.

In any situation you are now, it is not late to assume the responsibility for your own life. Settle your own objectives and go for them.

Dont hesitate to pay for your personal development . This is the single investment which pays off in any case. And more than that: it has no risk!