The Story We Tell

The Story We Tell

Stories have been important to man since the beginning of communication. From the earliest cave drawings we can see that tales of what has occurred and perhaps what is desired were conveyed. I can only imagine that circled around the campfire in the lonely cold evening, the elders of these groups would expound to the others the victories and defeats of past days. This is when legends began and when entire philosophies and religions were first formed.

The most effective way to express a concept or to influence an audience is to tell them a compelling story. This way not only are the facts presented, but feelings are conveyed that give extra weight and add value. This package of facts and feelings will keep the message alive in the hearts and minds of those that hear it. The audience is therefore more likely to act on this message, making the author more successful.

In the same way, each of us tells a story about our own lives. Usually just by meeting someone and spending a few minutes with them you can get a general idea of the narrative of their life as they present it. All of us have trials and victories, sorrow and happiness in our past and it is up to us which part of that tale we carry forward. Your story builds the framework around who you are today and can limit you in your future achievements. Take for example Oprah Winfrey. She grew up a poor, black, abused child of the South. From all outward appearances she had very little resources and would most likely not achieve much in life. What do you suppose the story she told was? Can you imagine her beginning her career at a young age and sitting down with friends and telling a tale of woe and despair?

I don’t know firsthand, but I can take a pretty good guess the story she told was uplifting and one of love and triumph over tough circumstances. The story she told of her life created an atmosphere of success for her present and future that she was able to mold into a victorious life. The tale you tell doesn’t have to be only of the past or even just the present. You can tell a tale of not only how you are but how you want to be. Anyone walking into a Mercedes dealership that drives out in a new car came in with the story that they would have their desire. They assuredly had this story for a while before they actually achieved it.

So how do you want your story to go? You are the scriptwriter. Your life is your Hollywood production. Is your story a tragic tale of love or a magical trip where your fondest dreams and desires come true. It is all up to you. If you have bad things in your life, find healing through counseling or whatever means it takes. Then find those things in life past, present, and future that bring you joy and develop your story around those. With this new tale of love and happiness your life will be filled with abundance.

Wishing you love, peace, joy, and abundance