The Power of Waiting

The Power of Waiting

In our hurry up and get it done world today, it’s easy to forget that there’s tremendous power in waiting. You must be thinking, what did he say? I personally run my own business, and I found that sometimes problems will resolve themselves if your patient. I’m not telling you to neglect a duty, I am telling you to be patient when you need things done. As an independent contractor I have to routinely pass work off other individuals for completion.

When I do this, it puts me into a role of having to wait. At times especially when there are deadlines to be met, this is quite hard to do. I found trying to push other people to complete something is a fruitless venture. It won’t take long before those people will no longer want to work with you. So, you have to learn how to wait. But why is waiting so hard at times? I think it’s just that release of control on a particular problem that’s the real stickler. Whenever you have to give control to somebody else, it’s hard.

Some of the questions that pop into your mind are ‘will they be able to complete the task properly?’ Or, if I get results, like get them in a timely manner? These are all valid concerns. And you will have to adjust course as time goes on. We’ll hire some money on who just isn’t doing the job and you’ll have to change people get it done. You may have to possibly reprimand somebody or poorly done job. When you work as the boss, these are your new tasks that need to be completed. Probably the worst thing you could do would be to micromanage the assigned task. It will not take long before you are fired by the person who works for you.

So there is a lot of power in waiting. But it is my suggestion to you when you assign a task, you also assign a completion time and date. This tells the recipient what your expectations are. I have personally found that when I give an expectation of time and I make my people stand by those times, they’ll tell me right up front when they cannot meet the deadline. What you do if someone is assigned the task and hear nothing back at all? The answer is really quite simple. Tell the person you originally assigned it to that you are reassigning the task to someone else and do just that.

So the next time you decide to get something done, remember the power of waiting. In this fast-paced world it can be your best friend or your worst enemy.