The Power of Thought

The Power of Thought

It has always been seen that a leader “thinks” differently than others. It’s the power of thought that makes them different and stand out. Thinking can make all the difference to your self esteem and self assessment. In turn, good thinking can render anyone more confident and far more successful.

There have been so many portrayals of the fact in movies, stories and playbacks. For example, have you watched Yes Man? No, it’s not an adjective for a big time slave or a submissive man. It’s a Hollywood movie starring Jim Carrey. This movie talks about the power of thought; how your thinking controls your life and the way you lead it. How the power of thought can be utilised in a better way and you can transform your life.

In the movie, the protagonist is averse to change and leads a very dull life. But, a certain ‘Yes man’ vow changes him for good. He starts thinking that the vow controls his life. He becomes a different individual. Eventually, he likes how his change in thinking and doing things changes everything for the better.

Likewise, the more recent movie, “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” has a scene on the power of thought. One of the central characters, Ron, is under the impression that he has taken a magical potion for good luck. The impression changes his whole persona and his thinking is not negative anymore. He feels more self assured and as a result outshines everyone in the game of Quidditch.

If you thought that leadership or positive thinking is only for people who are born with it, you cannot be more wrong. The power of thought is for everyone. You can have it as well. You can undergo leadership training and see the difference for yourself.

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