The Fight To Do What’s Right ( The Flesh Vs The Spirit ) Rounds 2 And 3

The Fight To Do What's Right ( The Flesh Vs The Spirit ) Rounds 2 And 3

(ding…ding…) ROUND TWO!

Commentator 2: Contrary to what many people believe Bill about what The Spirit can do for them, every person I’ve talked to about letting him into their lives said it is the best thing they ever done for themselves.

Commentator 1: Solid left jab from The Flesh that’s halfway blocked by The Spirit. This round The Spirit seem more flat-footed than the first round Bob, is that good or bad? There another block by The Spirit, this time blocking the left hook to the body.

Commentator 2: You can now see the frustration in the eyes of The Flesh as he take a right upper-cut to the chin. Both fighters now tied up in the middle of the ring as referee “God’s Will” come to separate them. I believed it’s good Bill because you have to remember this isn’t your typical fight where the fighter who lands the most punches win.

Commentator 1: Well Bob can you explain a little more to the people as round two comes to an end?

Commentator 2: Like I said before, The Spirit is here to take away all of Jane hurts and defects. Any shortcoming that’s keeping her from allowing The Spirit into her heart.

( ding…ding…ding…) End of ROUND TWO!

Commentator 1: What about her beliefs?

Commentator 2: Especially her beliefs! Because beliefs are responsible for most people resentments. Resentments are like cancer to our spirit. But remember Bill, Jane must have the willingness to tell the flesh what to throw at The Spirit, in other words, what she want The Spirit to help her with.

Commentator 1: So if Jane don’t get honest with herself she’s just wasting The Spirit’s time?

Commentator 2: Not at all! The Spirit is very patient my friend. His love and forgiveness last forever.

( ding…ding…) ROUND THREE!

Commentator 1: There goes a hard left hook to the head of The Spirit. What about when The Flesh land a shot like that, what happens then Bob?

Commentator 2: That mean that her shortcoming still has it’s strength. On the flip side to that, if The Spirit land a blow it gives Jane more courage to get honest allowing her to throw more punches. The Spirit give her what he think she needs. It being courage, love, forgiveness, patience or whatever. His job is to help her change by giving her a better understanding of what he want her to do. Because too many people try to change without the help of The Spirit.

Commentator 1: That’s impossible!

Commentator 2: Exactly!

Commentator 1: So the fans should want Jane to throw more punches?

Commentator 2: Yes!

Commentator 1: I think Jane must have heard us! There’s a left, right, left but all landing to the head of The Spirit. Not good right Bob?

Commentator 2: Not good. There’s a little swelling on the left eye of The Spirit.

Commentator 1: Here comes The Spirit with a solid straight left to the chin of The Flesh backing him up in the neutral corner. There’s a hook of honesty to The Flesh right jaw. Now and upper-cut of courage!

Commentator 2: This is what The Spirit think she need right now Bill!

Commentator 1: Now a powerful over-hand right that landed to the mouth of The Flesh hurting him! What was that Bob?

Commentator 2: That was his power punch of humility! There’s now blood coming from The Flesh mouth! He’s hurt Bill! Jane now have to take all those punches and fight back! What a round!

(ding…ding…ding..) End of ROUND THREE! Copyright number EHNZ-PQBR-PFDQ-8PPX