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The Path To Enlightenment, Peace, And Compassion

Following the path to enlightenment involves learning about the nature of universal human suffering and practicing time tested cognitive skills and compassionate ethics. Multitudes of people who have followed this philosophy have experienced enduring peace and happiness. The reward for those following this path is an ethical philosophy that gives life meaning, peace and compassion …

Will Digital Badges Become the Standard for Displaying Your Skills and Certifications?

These accreditation badges” would attest to the individuals skills or mastery of a subject without a formal diploma or certificate. The badge recipients can then post these earned badges wherever they want (online).

Absorb Information Efficiently With the Aid of Speed Reading

There are lots of people who are sluggish at their reading. Most of them are searching for an option to get rid of this. If you are not capable of reading more words in a short time, it is difficult become successful in many arenas. Here you can find some tips that will assist you …