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Creating More Human Interactions in Online Classes

  Online learning programs seem to offer college students nearly everything they need to succeed off-campus except for one thing: social interaction. Being alone while taking one class or a full course load prohibits adults from getting that the face-to-face contact they would normally have if they were sitting in a classroom.However, since the interest …

Engaging the Online Learner Towards a Lower Student Attrition Rate

High Attrition Rate Online education has been hailed as the answer to those with busy lives, who also recognize a need for the benefits an education can offer. At the same time, those attending college online are subject to some of the highest attrition rates in the educational field. A 2001 article by the MIT …

Distance Learning: Common Questions and Answers – Is It the Right Choice for You?

What Are Distance Learning Programs? Distance learning is the process by which an adult student may receive an education without actually physically setting foot inside a classroom.