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Overview of St. Petersburg College’s Online Vet Tech Programs

College Overview St. Petersburg College (SPC) was originally established in 1927 as a junior college and was part of St. Petersburg High School at one point. Since June 2001, when it became a four-year college, SPC has been ranked 3rd among the nation’s “Top 10 Tech-Savvy Community Colleges.” Today, this institution has a total enrollment …

Which Ivy League Schools Offer Online Learning Options?

A New Way to Breach the Ivy League   Students are turning to online schools in droves due to the ease of use, and lower cost to achieving a degree. Although a good many institutions of higher learning have begun offering distance education to prospective students, Ivy League colleges are still suspiciously absent for the …

What You Need to Know About Getting Your PhD in Sociology Online

Having a PhD in sociology shows that the student has achieved the highest academic accomplishment in that field of social science. Sociologists study human behavior, but those at the PhD level will have to choose a specific concentration. Some of the most popular sociology concentrations include economic development, feminist and gender perspective, political development, race …

Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Nutrition: Essential For Your Career

Jobs Involving Nutrition The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides the best information on potential nutrition jobs. According to their statistics, most dietitians and nutritionists work in hospitals, doctors’ offices or nursing homes, where they are responsible for planning healthy meals and menus for their patients.

Online Master Degrees with Fast Track or Accelerated Programs

Master Degree Options Generally speaking, a master’s degree takes two years to complete, but there are options available to students who wish to earn their degrees faster. The first options to consider deal with the types of degrees and the modes of instruction: Technical vs.

Distance Learning: Common Questions and Answers – Is It the Right Choice for You?

What Are Distance Learning Programs? Distance learning is the process by which an adult student may receive an education without actually physically setting foot inside a classroom.