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Comparing Dropout Rates: Online For-Profit Schools vs. Traditional Non-Profit Colleges

  The explosive growth of for-profit colleges has opened doors for students, but it has also set traps. In 2009, 9% of all US undergraduate students were enrolled at a for-profit institution.

Are MOOCs Failing Low-Income Users? The Problems MOOCs Fail to Solve

  This generation which is coming of age in an era of connectivity produced massive open online courses: free online college-level courses aimed at remote and underserved populations. MOOCs are intended to educate enrollees and provide them with the information and skills necessary to improve their lives and their communities. However, MOOCs have hit a …

Creating More Human Interactions in Online Classes

  Online learning programs seem to offer college students nearly everything they need to succeed off-campus except for one thing: social interaction. Being alone while taking one class or a full course load prohibits adults from getting that the face-to-face contact they would normally have if they were sitting in a classroom.However, since the interest …