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Online PHR Certification or SPHR Exam Preparation

About PHR and SPHR Certification The Professional in Human Resources (PHR) and Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) certifications are awarded through the Human Resources Certification Institute, along with additional certifications for global HR practitioners and those with expertise specific to the practice of HR in California. The credentials granted through the Human Resource Certification …

Earning an Online Low Vision Teacher Certification

Adding a Vision Certification to an Educator Resume   An educator willing to become a special education teacher is a singular breed of pedagogue. As such, she knows that a specialized teacher certification such as the low vision certification — has the power to change lives for those children who, for various reasons, cannot properly …

How to Acquire Your HVAC Certification Online: Requirements and Tests

What Does the Bureau of Labor Statistics Tell Us? Students considering an online course for the HVAC certification have a steady job outlook, as reported by the Bureau of Labor   Statistics (BLS).