Subliminal Mixing With Mindzoom

To maintain mental health were advised to meditate and to take time out. It can sometimes be a struggle to find the time to do this. Time, however, is the one basic commodity that we all have the same amount of. And yet some people seem to find ways of managing it better than others. Is it all a frame of mind?

Sometimes we really need to change our attitude towards life. Reprograming the mind with tools such as Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP) takes time and effort to perfect. Anthony Robbins, one of the worlds leading NLP trainers, makes no secret of this. In fact, he often advocates that to make these techniques work you need to use massive action.

There are ways, however, that you can motivate yourself without having to change too much in your life. What if I told you that you could continue to work on your computer whilst improving your mental state and concentration? Its possible with some clever software. What does this mean in practical terms?

There are a few things we can do to make our minds more receptive. The sounds and music we listen to and the type of waveform those sounds create in our brains affect our mental attitude. With the use of affirmations you can include a cognitive element. Combining it all creates the basis for a powerful experience.

The foundation of an affirmation setup can be a sound from nature or a favorite piece of music. The pace, timbre and character of that sound or music is entirely down to personal preference and can change according to what you want to achieve. If youre after a good nights sleep, for example, youll want something calm. If youre about to do a sales pitch then you may well want to listen to some pumping music that gets you fired up and increases your confidence!

With computers it’s possible to transmit words at such a hight speed that they hardly register in our conscious minds at all. Scientific evidence to support the use of high velocity bursts is ambiguous at best but the theory is that theyll affect your subconscious all the same.

You can definitely enhance your mental state by adding alpha or beta waves. Alpha waves are commonly associated with relaxation and will help you to access the creative store. These waves synchronize both hemisphere of the brain and create a state conducive to learning and problem solving. Beta waves access the left hemisphere of the brain and help to promote logical thinking.

Finally, you can have positive statements flash before your eyes on your computer screen. There’s some diverse discussion about the effectiveness of this technique but, once again, scientific opinion is divided. Having said that, the placebo effect can never be underestimated. Anyone who has ever explored esoteric or spiritual matters knows better than to place their complete trust in what science claims.

With developments in media manipulation there are now programs, such as MindZoom, that help you make your own combination of sounds and affirmations with little fuss. The mixer interface provides a no-nonsense platform with clearly defined areas to select your preferred combinations of the elements that make up an affirmation setup. For extra impact you can run a visual program and select appropriate words to flash on your screen simultaneously.

Whether the scientific evidence supports the use of programs like this or not, the beauty of their design is that they can run in the background on your computer whilst you continue to do your work. Its also a very enjoyable experience thats worth it for the combination of relaxing sounds or music and (scientifically proven) alpha or beta waves. When all is said and done, using a computer in this way allows you to experiment with the effects of sound and music on the brain. Combined with affirmations it will be of interest to anyone exploring self-development with NLP.