Sometimes We Hit Blocks When Using LOA – 3 Simple and Enjoyable Course Corrections

Sometimes We Hit Blocks When Using LOA - 3 Simple and Enjoyable Course Corrections

Simple Course Corrections:

1) Don’t take it seriously. Don’t buy 10 more books or tapes or Courses. The worst thing you can do is to worry. Find things to be happy about. Step away from your business for a day or a long weekend and have some fun. It’s much easier to manifest good things when you’re happy and joyful. It’s impossible if you’re stressed and worried.

2) Be the person you want to be. Play Halloween or Purim. If you want to be a businessman, dress like a businessman and speak and act like a businessmen. Have fun with it. If you want to be an author, write and dress like an author. Or, if you’d rather do something out doors like a mountain climber, go out side. Hike and travel on your weekends. Read magazines. Study the mountains. Go to equipment stores. Feel the ropes. Get into character and enjoy yourself.

3) Stop talking about it. Don’t go on blogs and talk about how frustrated you are and don’t go on blogs and pretend that you are successful. Just, stop talking about it. This is time to meditate. Get a good binaural beat program, Holosync or Vectormedia or Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing. This will put you in the proper brainwave for bypassing your ego (who resists change) and influencing your Subconscious with your ideal manifestation.

One Additional Note

When I am flowing with the Universe, I feel great in the morning and I’m excited as I head off to work (whether in the car or to my home computer). I feel confident and know who I am. This is when things fall into place. Things that I need appear for me before I need them. I can scan my email and know the ones that are important and leave the rest.

When I am not, I might wake up tired and hit the snooze button. This is hitting the snooze button on my life, but there are days that I do it. I am not sure what I “should” do these days. My email is overwhelming. There are too many offers. I don’t know what to do.

This is when I implement the simple course corrections above. I would start with the third, meditation.