Right Or Wrong – Who’s Side Are You On?

Right Or Wrong - Who's Side Are You On?

We have all been taught right from wrong, well hopefully. We all should understand how to be a decent respectful person. When you have to choose someones side in an issue it should be based on what has happen not who they are, it should be based on what you think, feel or know is right. If your mother cheats on your father are you going to side with her or are you going to side with the person who is right. I realize there may be more to the situation but if you focus just on the incident that in itself is not right.

It is sometimes hard to choose the right side. There is also the option to remain neutral and have an understanding of both sides. No one is always right and we all do things to hurt the ones we love, when will the time come that we all know what the right thing to do is. Well that may just be a dream or hope that I have. If you don’t like or agree with what someone is doing are you going to speak up and tell them or are you just going to let it happen.

I know I have done many wrong things in my life and I have no expectations of anyone being on my side because I know they were wrong. Sometimes we expect people to be on our side no matter what or no matter who has been wronged. There are many times when people do this. I have a friend who has had a hard time with their family and this has caused this person much pain, but I have tried to remain objective and offer what advice and support I can and remain neutral because I only know one side of the story. There are always two side to every story. I don’t really understand why, or even how this could happen.

I do feel that family should always stick together, but no matter what right is right and wrong is wrong, and family is not always right. But the reality is if you pick a side whether right or wrong you should stick to it. It is not cool to be a fence jumper so to speak. As far as the remaining neutral as I referred to before I feel this is an amazing person. Depending on the situation. This can be a difficult stand to take. But when you know two people you love are both wrong and neither want to admit it you may have no choice but to do this because of you r feelings for both of them. Only a fair person can make that choice, and either you can be firm and let each person know how you feel and there is nothing they can say to change your mind about the situation.

We all feel like we need to have others on our side to validate our feelings and behavior. To me the only person who should be on your side is you. You stand up for what is right and do what is right and there will be no worries of who is on you side.