Overcoming Lethargy – Asking the Right Questions to Win the Battle

Overcoming Lethargy - Asking the Right Questions to Win the Battle

Many people struggle with overcoming lethargy. Their lives slow down as the ailment progresses Gradually they start to notice that their life’s path is approaching a brick wall. Even if things have slipped quite far, they can break the momentum by accepting that they have reached a critical point. Then they’re able to see that the only possible cure for their problem is to break the cycle.

A cycle is a powerful mechanism which compounds speed efficiently. The cycle of listlessness quickly reduces a person to the point where everything is just, ” Too much.” This attitude is what greases the wheels of the lethargy cycle.

The only way to stop the cycle of defeatist thought is to intercept it with some well thought out questions. Some questions only increase the problem by highlighting the apparent enormity of the situation. Don’t start by asking, “How can I achieve the goals that I have let slide, now that I have let every opportunity pass me by?”

This question would send even the most determined lethargy sufferer into a panic! It is too general, too big and too negative. A question can be a call to action, but it must yield an answer which seems achievable.

A better question would be, “Is there some minor action I can take before bedtime, which tomorrow I will notice as an improvement?” The object here is not to clean the house from top to bottom. A possible useful action would be to look under the sink for cleaning solution and sit it on the kitchen table with a wash rag. In the morning it will act as a hopeful reminder of the larger goal.

Human beings have struggled with overcoming lethargy since the dawn of mankind. It is a formidable task, but success can be achieved if the sufferer will tackle it in the most commonly productive way. Start with an admission of the problem, then ask the right kind of questions to yield answers that work. Answers that bring hope are the ones that are worth asking.