Our Wheel Called Life

There is a concept regarding living that I thought I would share with you today. A good friend of mine, Dean Sweetman, spoke about it a few years back. It talks of the different parts of one’s life that you need to care and tend to in order to keep your life in balance. Each of these parts are important to our esistence and there might be some that you are aware of; others you may not be aware of.

For most of us, some areas of our life are better under control than others. You might be good in handling one of them but have lost focus or attention on others. The important thing is to understand that these areas of our life exist and each are equally important.

Six Spokes

What I am referring to are six areas of life. Each one of them needs to have some level of focus in order to put your life in order; secondly to get your life moving in a positive direction; thirdly in order to achieve much greater potential in your life.

These areas are referred to as the six spokes of life. You could consider them as spokes on a wheel; a wheel that is your life. If you consider what a wheel looks like and how each spoke is equally important, if one spoke fails, the wheel will fail to turn properly. Without all of them, the wheel can not turn freely.

The pure nature of a perfectly round wheel is to smoothly travel across the surface of life. If the wheel is in disrepair with one or two broken spokes, the wheel is incomplete. The wheel when not uniformly round will cause disruption in movement. It will create bumps as you try to move down the road. In this broken state, everything becomes much harder.

On the other hand, a nearly perfect round wheel can move you with greater ease. Each spoke of the wheel work together, allowing you to gain momentum if life. A rounded wheel will help to accelerate you through life, a great life.

Understanding Six Spokes

The concept of the six spokes is an old concept. At the center of this wheel is the hub, which is your heart and mind. The hub with our heart and mind can change and affect each of the spokes. It is through this hub that you care for and tend to each spoke of life.

The six spokes of our life are divided into the following categories;

    Mental and Emotional – there is a very simple greeting that people pass around without giving it much thought. We ask each other “how are you?” But do you ask yourself this same question? Is it possible that you do not even know how you are feeling?

    Every so often we need to examine our own mental and emotional state of mind. Have you recently yelled while driving? Stress can sneak up on us and the emotions rise to the surface in surprising ways. You need to relieve that stress in order to help you control your emotions. Do not let your emotions rule your life.

    Physical and Health – think about the last time you walked up the stairs; did your breathing get even slightly heavier? Think about the physical activities you did last year; can you do those same things today? Our ability to maintain good health is directly related to the level of physical activity we perform.

    Staying physically fit helps keep you healthier the older you get. Being fit will make you feel better and better able to function at a higher peak for longer periods. Each of us could use to exercise more and while it is hard to find the time, it is a must for healthy living. If we don’t, we may find ourselves incapable of even getting up off the couch.

    Financial and Career – how is your job going? Do you really enjoy that job? I am one that thoroughly loves getting up early and getting into work each and every day. The people I work with are smart and great people. I enjoy the work and feel that I am contributing to the growth and stature of my company. The wage isn’t bad either, in fact I feel well compensated.

    Can you say the same thing? If not, it might be time for either a change of attitude or a change in jobs. What you do for a living, your career is measured not only by the work and money you recieve. It is also measured by how much enjoyment you get from it. One effects the other, which means if you are not happy with the work, it is very likely that you will under perform, which means you will not earn more money.

    Social and Cultural – where are your friends in your life? Do you have any? A study performed by CBS NEWS Health Watch indicated that the circle of people one has as confidants is on average one person smaller. This means our circle of friends is shrinking. In fact, the percentage of people who tell us that have no one to confide in has reached about 25%.

    We need friends in our life, people that you can reach out to, people that can give you trusted advice or will stand there and simply listen. You need to develop friendships as they will better round out your life. They will make you accountable and make you a much better person.

    Spiritual and Moral – do you know what your personal values are in life? Have you taken the time to understand clearly those things you believe or don’t believe in? Subjects such money, job, sex, religion or even politics; or have you just shrugged the whole thought from your mind?

    It is important for us to know if we are “are living up to our personal values?” This is an area of life that can become very complicated because so much of life is woven together. There are plenty shades of black and white. What you need to do is establish simple spiritual and moral values to your life. Then apply these values to other areas of your life.

    Family and Home – there is a movie with Adam Sandler called CLICK. It is a story of one man’s life in which he is very much wrapped up in his job. He believes that if he just works harder, his job will provide all that his family needs. Sadly he achieves all that he wants but loses so much more; his family.

    All of us tend to apply a lot of hard work in our jobs. We have been taught from an early age that if you work hard, you will make more money, and all will be good. I myself applied this type of thinking early in my life and had to learn the hard was. What you find is that your family needs you much more than your success or your income. What your family needs is your time and your attention.

Note that the order to these spokes of life is not important. What is important is to try and maintain balance between all of the spokes. By keeping the wheel as perfectly round as you can, your life will progress towards a great life. Stay inspired my friends.