Mathematics Graduate Degrees Online

Mathematics Graduate Degrees Online

    Why an Online School Is Preferred for a PhD in Mathematics

    Online schooling or distance learning offers working adults and parents a wonderful opportunity to attend college without ever having to leave their homes. A person can register, select classes, attend classes, communicate, and receive financial aid all online. This opportunity has broadened the horizons of so many people looking to expand their educations but who have never had the means or time necessary to do so.

    A PhD in mathematics is sought after by many companies looking to hire new employees. It also may be possible for someone to further their workplace skills and expand into new areas of their current company with this degree. The possibilities are limitless once your goals are set.

      Schools Where You Can Obtain a PhD in Mathematics

    Accredited online schools and colleges as well as your local area colleges will offer Internet courses to make it easier to obtain your PhD in mathematics. Here is a list of schools that offer both online courses and a PhD in Mathematics:

    Local Area Colleges

    Check with your local colleges and universities for information regarding online classes for a mathematics degree. A counselor will assist you with creating the most efficient online learning program for your needs. Most local colleges are offering additional online classes each year. Online and distance learning is growing in popularity.

    University of Missouri

    This college offers both online and campus classes as well as a graduate degree in mathematics. The graduate school of the University of Missouri describes their course as follows:

    The Graduate Program in Mathematics is large enough to encompass research and courses in many areas, yet small enough to remain responsive to the needs of individual students.”


    University of Illinois at Chicago

    UIC offers online courses as well as a graduate degree in Mathematics. The UIC College of Liberal Arts and Sciences explains this specific course:

    The PhD in mathematics is designed to provide the highest level of training for independent research. Each of the department’s major areas of concentration within the MS degree in mathematics prepares students to enter the PhD program. The student’s major focus in this program is the production of a thesis that represents a significant piece of mathematical research.”

    Careers You Can Have including Salary Ranges

      According to, the salary range for someone with a PhD or doctorate in mathematics averages $91,403 each year. There are many different options when it comes to picking a job that requires a PhD in Mathematics. The necessary education for a career in the niostatistics field is a doctorate in biostatistics, mathematics, statistics, or another related field. Average pay for this position, starting out with no experience except a college education, is $75,162 a year. 

    Being a college professor could be something that interests a person with a PhD in mathematics. This is a job that can be done full time or part time and has many rewarding benefits. Average pay for this position, starting out with no experience except a college education, is $76,183 a year. However, do not stop with these sources. Accountants, research analysts, actuaries, and statisticians also seek graduates with a mathematics graduate degree.

    Courses Involved with this Degree and What to Expect after Entering the Program

    After deciding on a program to obtain a PhD in mathematics, there are requirements that most colleges and universities require you must have met before you are accepted and classes begin. Previous degrees, GPAs over 3.0 (4.0 depending on the school), written or video in-depth theses, oral evaluations, and testing, among other things, could all be included in the application process.  Classes will primarily be centered around, but not limited to, math equations, math thesis, mathematical logic, theorems, a multitude of algebra, mathematical variations and principles, variable methods, geophysical flows of the earth, means, mathematical dynamics, statistics, and applications. Depending on what online university the degree is from will determine class length and size. Contact the academic advisor at the school for more information or for further questions.

    References for individuals seeking additional information about online learning

    Being familiar with general math is a prerequisite for many jobs in todays society. Obtaining a PhD in mathematics will prepare the student for a world of opportunities. There is so much more the job world offers people with a PhD in mathematics than just being a mathematician. Explore the world of math degrees below: 

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