January Is National Mentoring Month

January Is National Mentoring Month

Its the beginning of a new year and you are in the process of starting your resolutions. Heres a great way to up the ante. Be a mentor! Yes, you can do it! There are so many things that happen when you decide to share your time with someone that needs it.

Benefits of Mentoring

1. Investing- You are investing your time and life into another person. This person is normally a child to a young adult, but there is also opportunity for a peer to peer mentoring relationship.

2. Sharing Your Wisdom- In my opinion, a mentor is someone that has an experience or information that they are willing to share. There are tons of definitions out there, but being at least one step or one experience ahead of someone else can provide an example for the mentee to follow..

3. Listening Ears- Many times an opportunity to listen is the greatest gift that a mentor can give. While this is not the only responsibility of a mentor, it is one of the greatest and establishes a real connection with the mentee.

4. Support- A mentee can use your relationship as an outlet for support. Sometimes relationships can lack in this area, but a good mentoring relationship includes it.

5. Empowerment- A good mentor can help the mentee identify some simple challenges and help them overcome the roadblocks.

6. Perspective- An outside perspective can often shine light on some circumstances not realized. The experience of the mentor can help the mentee see things from a different point of view.

7. Growth- This can happen when the relationship between the mentor and mentee is solid. Taking the time to set expectations of the relationship can point the relationship in the direction that is agreed upon by both people.

Who Needs A Mentor?

Everybody! At some point in life there was somebody that said something or did something that helped you become you. This generation of children to young adults are actually looking for mentoring. The time is perfect for investing in another life.

There are people out there searching for someone that will take them under their wing. These people are students, entrepreneurs, business owners, junior associates, musicians, teachers and so on. This means that there is ample opportunity no matter what experiences you have had in your life. If you feel you can fill in the blanks for someone else, this is the opportunity.

The Pop Quiz of Life

I have been blessed and fortunate to have mentors at different times in my life. A mentor for me was the equivalent of having a cheat sheet for the pop quiz of life. I have been able to avoid many situations because of the experience of my mentors and my application to their advice.

This month is a perfect opportunity to become a mentor or receive mentoring. Its the beginning of 2014 and it would be great to have the accountability of someone else that will help someone accomplish goals.

It Takes A Village

It has been said repeatedly that where you are in life can be traced back to who you associate with and the books you read. Mentoring is a powerful tool that helps people to accomplish so much. I believe that we each have the ability to add value to other peoples lives.

The only difference is in the way we do it. Mentoring is a great way to add value to another persons life. Matthew 9:37 in the Bible says, The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. As a mentor, you have the opportunity to change that.

You can learn more about becoming a mentor here .