I Dare You to Read a Self Help Book

I Dare You to Read a Self Help Book

Self help books have been widely considered something taboo as it they usually contain information that goes against the norm of our average thinking. For example have you ever thought that the reason for all of your daily problems lies within side you! Or that you can fix all of your issues and gain all of your heart’s desires through the shifting of your thoughts and emotions?

Those two types of statements usually cause an uncomfortable feeling within us. We don’t like thinking that the way we do things is actually self defeating and usually unfulfilling. Many of us can relate to not liking our job, our neighbor, our career, and a lot of times our entire life. But most people wouldn’t even recognize these types of feelings or even awareness of what we like and don’t like.

It’s pretty funny to see that we are always trying to fix what we feel is broken. This type of activity usually fills our day with a bunch of tasks and boring work, the kind that leads us to any escape which usually means watching tv all night and daydreaming of what could have been, or what we will do some day. The present moment is always ignored as something undesirable or even hated.

That’s why there’s such a big self help books type movement taking place. Or in other words a movement to share knowledge gain from both spiritual texts and personal experience, that really changes your life and leads you to a life filled with purpose and passion. A life that you end up thanking people for and feel completely satisfied about.

Have you ever thought about that for a moment? Having a life that is filled with more peace, love, and joy? Many of use don’t even comprehend what those words even mean. It’s sad, but this is where there is so much opportunity these days to reach out and uplift those who are struggling.

That’s why self help books are becoming a widely popular book theme. It’s sharing a more inspired type message for it’s readers, helping them to ponder their lives outcomes to date, and if it’s really what they want to do in live. It’s a great thing to do as studies have shown that the most successful had the simple courage to face their inner fears, accepting them as is, and deciding that they wanted more in life and that their inner fears where only illusions of their past. It’s really interesting to think about.

Take a challenge and find scroll through some self help books to see if any titles or subjects stand out to you. Go for the well known authors, their writing are easy to follow, and their insights are genuinely effective.