How Body Language Can Betray Your True Emotions

How Body Language Can Betray Your True Emotions

Let’s face it no matter how logical we think we can be emotions really do impact our thinking on a daily basis. There’s no doubt in my mind that emotions can actually have a direct impact on the quality of our lives. Our emotions impact us day-to-day in our homes and at work. In our emotions are played out in our body language for all to see. 

Think about the time when someone at work came to you with bad news. How did you feel? Believe it or not how you felt could’ve been betrayed very much so on your face and in your body language. It’s important for you to understand how this can occur to help you control your natural tendency to betray your motions in your body language. I’ve seen competent technicians who I’ve worked with not get promoted because her body language portrays disgust or displeasure when they are asked to do overtime or something beyond the normal course of their duties. They may willingly perform those duties without argument but their body language told a completely different story.  

I’ve been boss for a number of years and I constantly use body language to determine the status of those people who work for me. I have somebody who constantly shows enthusiasm and a desire in the body language towards their work I am more apt to give them assignments that challenge them. On the flipside if I have somebody who costly shows negative body language when I talk to them I am apt to offer them less opportunities for promotion and possibly even consider dismissal. It might sound a little bit harsh but I usually find that their body language portrays what they’re thinking.

I think the first thing you need to recognize is that emotions will usually start your reaction process to what somebody says or does within your presence. Your motions can lead your actual thoughts so much so that you consciously have laid out your feelings even before your conscious thoughts have had a chance to process what is been said. This sort of action in an emergency situation is exactly what can save your life. This speed can also cause rack and ruining your life as we tend to overreact in our emotions which are conveyed to our body language.  

The first step to controlling your reactionary emotions is to understand what triggers those emotions. Do you find you get angry easily when somebody seems to over manage what you’re trying to accomplish? Do you find that when you get bad news you become frustrated very quickly? Believe it or not as you analyze your emotional responses to situations you will find that it’s very small triggers in these situations that will ignite the emotional response from you. Is imperative that you learn these emotional triggers and get control them before you encounter a situation where they will be triggered. 

To conclude, talk to those people who know you the very best. Ask for their honest opinion for what sets you off in a negative situation. They may offer you a lot of insight if you don’t get upset when you asked for their honest opinion!