Help Me Calm Down! – What’s Your Answer?

Help Me Calm Down! - What's Your Answer?

Within a very short time of starting a therapy business I had come across this plea several times in a very short period. Working with complementary healing its probably not that surprising. After discussing the options, what was surprising was how little knowledge people pay to the options available and the practical ways they can help themselves. Starting to think about ways to calm down is therapy in itself. Once you open the floodgates youll find a torrent of ideas and techniques that will create calm and tranquility.

Lets start by taking a roll call of some of the basic things you can use to distract your mind and start developing inner peace. Here are just a few ideas on which Ill expand:

    listening to soothing music or sounds taking up a fitness program engaging in training your dog consciously working with chakras and colors combining fitness and meditation with yoga

This short list is composed in ascending order of the amount of effort needed to engage in each of the activities. Listening to music, for instance, is something everyone can do relatively easily, regardless of fitness levels or time constraints. Undertaking a serious yoga practice, on the other hand, requires a significant amount of practice and dedication to see any real progress. Lets take a closer look at the list.

Music and sounds are some of the most powerful tools we have to control our emotions. Soothing music physically changes your heart rate and will make you feel calm and relaxed. Listening to recordings of the sea or a stream actually engage your mind and start to eliminate the troubling thoughts.

If you decide to take up a fitness program this may involve going to the gym. There are options, however, such as learning to dance at home. You can do exercise based around Samba, for example, that will tire you out and ensure a good nights sleep. Just dont exercise too close to bedtime.

Training a dog is a great combination of mental and physical exercise. If you really engage in building a relationship with your dog then this will take a great amount of study, concentration and repeated practice. Building the quality of that relationship also takes commitment to walk good distances together regularly. Having this kind of relationship with your dog lifts your spirit and gives you a sense of wellbeing and unconditional love.

For those more interested in changing a mood at a spiritual level, working with the chakras is a great option. This affords the opportunity to combine working with colors and sounds that will balance the flow of energy in your body. Once you have a better understanding of how to use color to balance chakras its possible to introduce the right colors into your environment to have a calming effect. Imagine, for instance, relaxing in a chair, listening to soothing music surrounded by a sea of orange to improve your relationship with the world. Find out the wider significance of colors to address other areas of your life.

Finally, many people think yoga is just a way of limbering up but, in fact, its a whole system and code of conduct for life. If you embrace the concepts of physical exercise and agility, ethics, meditation and learn to use sound in the form of chakras to manifest goodness in your life then youll experience a multi-dimensional life improvement.

How deeply a person wants to engage in a behavior or program to help create inner peace is determined by commitment and time constraints. I hope you can now see, however, that taking steps is accessible to everyone. These are just a few of the options available that you may like to suggest if anyone says to you Help me calm down!