Gratitude Tips For Pros and Beginners

Gratitude Tips For Pros and Beginners

Personal Development begins with gratitude

Having been in the life coaching / personal development scene for over 20 years now, coupled with the fact that I’m the chief editor at one of the world’s most popular personal development websites, I feel confident when I say, “All self improvement begins with gratitude.” Gratitude is the fastest acting, gets the quickest results, lasts the longest and is far and away the easiest of all traits to put to work for you immediately.

We all have gratitude inside us already, this is what makes gratitude is so powerful. The trick is simply taking what’s going on inside us already and sharing it with the people in our lives so that it can begin to work its magic all by itself. You see, the magic of gratitude is that when you give it away, you get more of it!

Every time you share gratitude, it grows! The more you give it, the more there is of it. Gratitude is one of the most amazing things in the entire universe because it gets created every time it is shared.

Learning to share gratitude

Remember, every time you share gratitude, you are creating goodness in the world. Nothing makes others feel as good, as easily, or quickly as being appreciated for the things are doing and have done. So now it’s your turn to make some people feel great!

For this exercise, we’re going to be focusing pretty close to home, and we’re going to do it big. Because in this exercise your going to be expressing gratitude to your real life immediate family.

You can call them, email them, go see em, whatever it takes. Mom, Dad, sisters, brothers, your kids, pets, try to get all of them if you can (if you don’t have any family, I want you to try this with the five people who live closest to you). Even, perhaps especially, if you’re currently mad at them.

So here’s how to do it, take some time to really focus on feeling grateful to each one of them. Then write down a few thoughts about what you feel grateful for. Then share it from your heart, open up to them, listen to them, feel the gratitude inside you and then share it with them completely.

That’s all there is too it! I told you gratitude was easy, but give it a try for yourself and you’ll be amazed at the responses they give you.