Gratitude Speeds the Law of Attraction Like Nothing Else

Gratitude Speeds the Law of Attraction Like Nothing Else

Have you been wondering, just how long this process is going to take?

This is normal, and it is a mistake. Ohh, oh. This is a thought/feeling that lets the Universe know that you are not sure that your desire has already manifested.

The kind of belief that the Universe expects from a creator is the kind of belief that Jesus had. Did Jesus change the water into wine and then turn to his mother and say, “Just a minute. Just let me check this…” and take a sip before pouring for the first guest? I don’t think so, or it would not have been wine. After healing the lame, did he say, “Come back in two weeks so that I can check.” No, he didn’t, and you laugh because you know that it wouldn’t work that way. The Law of attraction works when the manifestor has faith and gives gratitude in advance.

The minute you check on the miracle’s progress, is the minute your manifestation goes into escrow. It will now wait until you allow it into your life by trusting, and having absolute faith that it is done. This is what takes us time. It waits while we take the course(s) or do the work that makes us believe that we have now done enough and now we will have our vision, whatever it is. This is when we offer gratitude for our successful manifestation. And, this is when the Law of Attraction will bring it out of escrow.

Stop Checking

I used to do this with my website. I had goals to get to 50 daily readers, and then 100, and then 150 and so forth. I used to get up and look the first thing every morning. This slowed the process down enormously and turned it into a human-planned process rather than a Universe-planned process. It was only when my web host stopped reporting the statistics at 5am that I stopped. And, I only stopped because I couldn’t do it any longer. But, I learned something from this, and it was something that I had been suspecting.

Even in this way, the Universe was taking care of me and showing me that it would help if I stopped peeking. Remember the Wizard of Oz who hid behind the curtain? Dorothy and her friends did much better before they peeked behind the curtain. Just so, my web traffic started accelerating when I stopped looking so often.

Now, your subconscious doesn’t understand negatives, so if you say, “I won’t keep looking…” then it will hear, “I will keep looking…” so that won’t work. We will say instead, “I am so grateful the Universe is giving me what I have asked for!” And then, go about your inspired business. You see, gratitude will accelerate the Law of Attraction.

I do this with my commute, another kind of traffic, right. Each morning, I do Ho’oponopono to ask the Universe to remove any programs in me, or my ancestors back to the beginning of time, that would interfere with my safe arrival at ______ am or sooner. Then I give thanks and see myself walking in well early.

If, along the way, I look at the clock, it almost always reads one half hour before I have to be there. My training is to stop looking at the clock. If I look at the clock and I’m an hour away, I will be late. If I look at the clock and I’m 15 minutes away, I’ll be fine. Now, I don’t look at the clock unless I need to stop for something else first.

The First Miracle of Today

Every morning, my partner and I let the cats out as soon as we get up, and then bring them back inside before we leave for the day. They are used to the routine, and we give a little whistle that they respond to. This morning, CJ didn’t come, and he didn’t come. During this time, my partner remembered key and cell phone which otherwise would have been left home.

We had just decided that we would have to leave anyway, and CJ would have to make do on his own for the day, when he sauntered across the back yard as if nothing had happened out of the ordinary. We let him inside and left for work.

About an hour into the trip, we started to see car debris, a torn fender and a torn bumper, some glass… on the highway, and as we were avoiding that, we saw the other cars ahead also slowing down. About a quarter of a mile ahead, two cars were on the left in the HOV lane, and they were badly smashed and broken. Their drivers were standing making telephone calls. On the right, off the road, another car was also torn up and parked.

We were obviously just a little behind the accident. We immediately thanked the Universe for delaying CJ, or we probably would have been in it with them.

And, if we had been a little bit later, the highway would have been closed while they cleaned it and brought in the tow trucks to take away the broken cars. This would have made us late for our appointment.

So, be grateful, and stop peeking! The Law of Attraction is happy to do your bidding.