Feeling Gratitude the Easy Way

Feeling Gratitude the Easy Way

The easy way to feeling abundant gratitude

Nothing has such a dramatic or fast acting effect as gratitude. No single trait flows as easily, does as much good, or returns as quickly as good old fashioned pure and honest gratitude. So let’s take a look at the easiest way to experience genuine gratitude before sharing it with others.

To do this, let me give you a personal example; as editor of “The Personal Development Playground” I review over 1,000 articles, videos, and games each and every week. I love it, but some days I feel like I just can’t open the next email.

That’s where ‘gratitude’ comes in and saves the day. You see, the easiest way to feel gratitude is to feel it for a person. Sure, it’s pretty easy to feel grateful for something someone did (ie. “I’m grateful you made me dinner”) but the real life easiest way is to just feel the gratitude directly towards another person.

A practical example

First thing in the morning we get these maps from the previous day with little red dots on them everywhere in the world someone visited the Personal Development Playground. Literally, one little red dot for every single person in the whole world who visited the site.

Instead of focusing on the hundreds of emails and endless things on my daily to-do list, I just sit back and look at all those little red dots. I focus on the idea that those are people, that each and every one of them is a person who is making my life possible. Then I fill myself with gratitude for these people all over the world, and put that feeling into everything I do.

By doing this, every task becomes another opportunity to express gratitude. Can you imagine the enthusiasm this brings to all those items on my endless to-do list?

The easiest way to fill your life with gratitude is to just take a few moments each day focusing on how all your clients, coworkers, and classmates are helping to create the wonderful adventure which is your life. Then, put that gratitude into everything you do for and with them and in no time at all you’ll be filled to the brim with the vitality and enthusiasm only gratitude can produce!