Do You Want To Change Your Life? It Is Much Easier Than You Might Think

Do You Want To Change Your Life? It Is Much Easier Than You Might Think

Everything we perceive with our five senses represents our truth. Thats the way we see the reality, our own way. For us it is the truth.

Absolute truth doesnt exist. Each of us has his/her own truth in which we believe. What is evident for you might not be evident for me and what is true for you might not be true for me. Thats life. It is different for each one. This is why some are rich and some poor, some are surrounded by friends and some alone, some achieve everything they want and some almost nothing.

When we see something, we interpret it using our past experiences. Our perception depends on the information accumulated in our brain from different sources: affirmation and opinions coming from parents, friends, relatives, our own experience, what we have learned or read, what we lived. All these thoughts are building our patterns of thought, our deep beliefs about how our life must be, patterns which finally determine our reality.

So, before our reality manifests, we created it in our mind. What we think about what we deserve and what we can have, be or do in our life is exactly what we get. Then, we observe our reality and consider it true. In this way, our patterns of thought strengthen: we get the evidence that what we thought was right. We continue to create our reality in the same way: we observe, consider true, and create further the life we believe we can have. Thats how we are making the circumstances in which we live. Either we are aware of it or not, this is the process that takes place anyway.

Knowing and understanding the process through which our thoughts are creating our reality, we realize that we have the power to change our life, to create the reality we would like to live in.

Finally, how we can do it? Simple: by changing our patterns of thought, our beliefs regarding how our life should be, what we deserve and what we may have in our life.

Usually, we think there is a limit up to what we can do in our life. We are looking to the environment inside which we live and think that we could move only inside certain limits like we were tied in an invisible leash. You probably heard this story: a man had a dog that was kept in a short leash. Being sorry for the poor dog, one day the man extended the leash to let the dog to move in a wider space. But, surprisingly (or not!), the dog continued to stay in the same area as before.

The same thing happens to us. If someone asks us what we would like to do more in our life, most of us will be able to imagine a new life just a little bit better than the one we are living. It happens because our imagination is limited by what we believe is true for us.

So, even if our rational mind understands very well that we are able to do anything in our life, our limited imagination will stop us to see what we really would like to have, be or do.

This is the most difficult part in changing radically our life. It is difficult, but not impossible. It is only a question of practice and patience.

First of all, we have to get used to the idea that we have the power to decide to go for a real change and to succeed.

Then, we have to stretch our imagination to see what we really want. This is very important: to know exactly what we want to achieve, how our new life should be. It might take time until we really see what we want; we have to be patient and do it playing, not struggling!

After defining what we want, we have to get used to our dream life. Try to imagine as clear as possible how your life will look like, how you will feel living your new life without thinking on how you will arrive there. In the moment you will feel release thinking about it, the manifestation of your new life will begin.