Clearing Subconscious Blocks Using “Yes” and “No” Methods

In the movie, The Secret, the secret of the Law of Attraction seems to be hidden and lost for a period of time. The Hindu talk about our Universe, as we approach 2012, being at the furthest point from Source energy at the center of the Milky Way. When the Earth is closer to Source, people live to be hundreds of years old. When the Earth is farther from Source, people die at 70 to 100 years old….

Some say that although Humans used to walk with Source/Divinity, we have lost our link through disuse, pride and greed. We are swimming in an ocean of vibratory intelligence, yet many are dying without access to the abundance, health and creativity that is ours to accept or to reject. Since we are in this ocean, we are able to create using the Law of Attraction, but we are not consciously creating. It’s too often haphazard and accidental.

There are ways to recreate this link. Meditation is the beginning because through meditation we reconnect through our Higher Mind. Many have discovered the pendulum as an excellent way to connect through asking infinite intelligence to help us directly with “yes” and “no” signals.

If you don’t have a pendulum, begin your basic meditation and connect with your heart vibrations. Ask for a “yes” signal that is a sensation you can easily notice. Do this a few times until you are sure of the correct sensation. Then, ask for a “no” signal which is also a sensation you can recognize. A third way is to use kinesiology.

These methods will help you gain access to information that will help you to increase your abundance, as long as you don’t have subconscious blocks to achieving abundance.

The Truth is that We All Have Subconscious Blocks

Do you or did you ever have a belief is some version of

“It’s easier for a rich man to go through the eye of a needle than it is to enter into the kingdom of heaven”?

If so, you need to clear this before you can become wealthy. Jesus put all the credit for miracles on one’s belief.

Our Subconscious is much more powerful, millions of times more powerful than our Conscious Minds, and they are filled with every bit of rubbish we ever heard in our lives. Our higher Minds are even more powerful, when called on, than our Subconscious minds. Yet, most of us depend on our Conscious Minds to do our heavy lifting because we identify with our Ego, and thus, most of us have minimal or modest success.

A single Subconscious belief about lack or competition is like the US Army going to war against a small village in Switzerland. There is no way that village in Switzerland is going to be able to create abundance with the US Army camped on its doorstep waiting to destroy any such idea. But, our Army will leave if we know how to ask.

The most effective way to cleanse these beliefs is to use basic meditation combined with the “yes” and “no” method of your choice.

First, ask, during meditation, for a belief that interferes with your attaining wealth. Ask for verification that this is a false belief.

Then, ask for the correct belief. Again, use your “yes” and “no” method to verify that this is correct.

Finally, write both those statements in a journal. Continue for 10 minutes or so and then come out slowly. Repeat this cleansing twice a day for a few days until, like the popcorn slowing its pop, you feel you’ve discovered most of your subconscious blocks.

We no longer walk with Divinity on the earth, but we can talk with Divinity by practicing meditation each day. This is a powerful aide that is recommended by 100% of the Law of Attraction coaches. You can join their success with just a few minutes each day.