Changes In Rap Music And How It Inspires Young People

Changes In Rap Music And How It Inspires Young People

The main purpose of this article is talk about the changing in rap music and how it can be used to inspire young people.

Inspirational is most likely not the first thing most of us think about when we are engaged in conversation about rap music but I believe this is the case. In fact a few generations have grown up on this genre of music. Rap music is unique because the number of words per song is more than most genres of music if not all genres. This allows artists to express themselves more.

The Negatives And Changes

Inspiration does not always come to mine when most people think of rap music. However, there is a lot that can be learned from the lyrics in this genre. In the 90s the gangster rap era, Hip Hop was brought to the attention of the masses as having violent and sexist lyrics. But more and more now, many of the big name artists in the genre are not gangster rapper (i.e. Drake, Big Sean, Nicki Minaj, Macklemore, Mac Miller etc) and the so called gangster rappers don’t create gangster content anymore (Jay Z, Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg). The new artists are mostly in their 20s creating content talking about relationship, family, success and growth or just make club music. In addition, the audience today are different from the audience of the 90s. Much of the demand today is generated by fans who want to hear music they can relate to. These fans are comprised of most suburbia teenagers who vote by their purchase for what needs to be created and what remains on the airwaves. Thus, what makes money stays.

Why Rap Music Is Unique

Rap music is unique because it has, on a average, more words in a single song than most other genres if not all. This allows artists to write more and to express their thoughts differently. Also, most artist write their own material in Hip Hop. It is very rear to hear that a rap artist doesn’t write his/her own material unlike RnB, Pop, Country or most other genres. This makes the music feel more heart-felt and creates a stronger connection and understanding with the audience.

Why Rap Music Inspires

If you have listened to any genre of music, at one point in our lives , we have all heard a song that felt like it the lyrics of that song was written just for us. This could be songs in different genres at any point in time. I have heard many women talk about Adele’s songs and the emotional release and understanding that gain from hearing her music. They could always relate to a certain relationship they had or are in that Adele sings about. This is the same for Hip Hop fans. Take a song like Jay Z ‘Beach Chair’ where Jay said ‘ Sure Books Can Guide You But Your Heart Defines You’. This line made so much sense to me personally when I was going through a difficulty time. It just reminded me to follow my heart more in things I want to do than follow the crowd or things that does not follow my values. In other words, everything that glitters is not gold.

How To Use Rap Music As Inspiration

The simple way to do this is to just listen. The inspiration is in the music. When you can relate to something you just know it. For most of us, we have had that music we can relate to. And for people that already listen to rap music, you probably already know what I am taking about.

I believe rap music can raise the new generation better than the last generation. I am sure that is controversial in some way but I believe rap music does motivate and inspire people to do new things and tap into their potential power. There are many lyrics out there that have been motivation to me and other too. I hope this may have changed your opinion of rap music a little. Let me know what rap lyrics and songs inspired you at some point in your life.