Challenging Your Comfort Zone

Challenging Your Comfort Zone

Are you aware of where your comfort zone is? That invisible boundary that holds you firmly in place and can prevent you moving too far in any given direction.

Imagine it now as a chalk line drawn in a circle and you standing planted in the middle.

Youre safe! Youre comfortable. Youre probably not challenged much and for many of us that is just how we like it.

The trouble with this is that we can also be stuck. Rooted to the spot. Not exactly happy with how things are in our lives but too scared or unsure to make a move beyond the line of chalk.

And so we walk life. Hemmed in securely by our little bubble of safety where we know what to expect and how to act and react to lifes experiences.

On occasion life will throw us a curve ball that belts us in an unexpected direction (were playing poison ball here, not baseball!) and we bounce painfully against our comfort zone.

If the experience is a negative one it causes great distress. We will do anything to scramble back into the centre of our bubble. Life cannot stay like this your internal alert system is screaming.

On occasion its not possible to do anything but to confront the situation and, sensibly, we draw on resources we didnt know we had or hadnt previously collected during our life journey because wed never needed them before.

The outcome? A smudging of the boundary chalk. A redefining of the comfort zone that we had previously thought was settled and stable.

Life is not always about the negatives that bring change though. Sometimes that curve ball sweeps us unexpectedly away to something wonderful. Enlightening! Brilliant!

Happily we reach our tentative foot beyond the chalk mark into the unknown because we just want to hold onto this new experience forever.

Obligingly the comfort zone boundaries enlarge and settle where you have now found your new centre.

One thing is sure. Once you have looked beyond the boundaries of what you previously knew there is no going back. You cannot peep beyond the known and into the possibilities life holds without being changed forever. Once you know something it is impossible to un-know it.

And there you remain. In your circle. A bigger circle. An expanded circle whose arc sweeps to bump against more than youd previously comprehended. Nudging the unknown possibilities in life that you are yet to see.

Can your minds eye see you there right now?

Look beyond the circle. The world outside yourself is endless. How much there is to discover that is not you yet.