Back To The Now, Part One

Back To The Now, Part One

Be in the moment:

Hopefully, you understand the benefits of learning the ability to see the world through your own present eyes, and not the coloured lenses of the past or the future.

But, how do we get there? Here are some helpful hints to practice being in the now moment.

Find a reasonably quiet place (a little background noise is actually helpful) and sit comfortably. Loosen any tight clothing, including shoes, although you dont have to take them off. Its better if every part of your body is supported, but if youre just in a chair, sit so your neck is supporting your head as effortlessly as possible, your back is straight, and your hands are resting on something; either the chairs arms, or in your lap.

Close your eye, breathe well, and just hear everything. Youre not really listening. Its important that you understand this distinction. You want to hear everything thats going on around you, but youre not actually focusing on it. What I mean is, dont pay attention to any one thing, and above all, dont form any thoughts about what you hear. The idea of living in the moment is to simply accept all that is. As soon as you start thinking about it, youre putting your own spin on it, and it becomes your personal interpretation, not actual reality, which is what youre trying to recognize.

Understandably, this isnt the easiest task in the world.

However, the funny thing is we do this a lot. In fact, we pay money to do it. A movie theatre, for instance, is built to overwhelm our senses so much everything else in the world ceases to exist. While we are accepting whats happening in the movie, especially if its a high-action flick, there is neither time nor room to be thinking of anything else. This is where we get the loss of time, which is a perfect indication weve been living in the moment; our sense of time disappears.

Athletes also experience this as they slip into the zone, which is just another name for the now moment. Writers and artists also understand this concept as they experience the flow of creativity pouring out of them and into existence in front of them.

So, even if you dont get it right away, keep at it. More exercises and refinements will be offered in upcoming blogs, but, for now, try to imagine the in the zone moment all of us have experienced, and relax. Remember, concentration is the opposite of meditation.

Imagine your mind as cupped hands under running water: if you squeeze in an attempt to hold onto the water, you will always be disappointed, but if you just allow the water to flow over your hands, there it will always be.

Likewise, energy is around us all the time, everywhere we go. Like radio waves, it passes through us, and we only need to be on the right frequency to hear it. Learning to spend more time in the now moment is how we accomplish this.

We do not need to live in fear of losing it; we need only practice regaining our connection to it.

But, again, thats entirely up to you.

Light, love, and the strength to be more.

Michael B.

September 24/2012