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Boston University Online: A School of Excellence

A Little Background Boston University Online is a part of BU’s Extended Education Program and was developed and is managed by the university’s Office of Distance Education. The faculty and staff in this office make technology utilization and function their number one priority so that students can work to their fullest learning potential.

How to Overcome Fear of Rejection in 3 Simple Steps

Want to know how to overcome fear of rejection? This article will show you how. Rejection is a bitter pill everyone has to swallow at least once. Unfortunately, people tend to panic at the mere thought of tasting it. And in order to avoid having such an experience, they avoid everything that can possibly lead …

You Can Get Your Architectural Technoloy Associate Degree Online

What Is an Architectural Technician?   Are you someone that on first sight of a well-designed building tends to get excited about the design of the building? Or, do you wish that you had been involved in the project in some way? Are you someone that has always dreamed of helping the architects with their …

How To Overcome Fear Of Failure – The Procrastination Link

You are a habitual procrastinator. You procrastinate on many occasions especially on important tasks. Often you know the bad consequences of putting off an important task. Not that you have not tried to do it, you have – a few times – but every time theres always something else to do that seems more urgent …

Pathologist Assistant Distance Education: Learn About Courses, Schools, the Career and More

A pathologist assistant, different from a pathology technician , must obtain at least a Bachelor’s degree in pathology, but a Master’s degree in preferred.