A Quest To Understand My Truth

A Quest To Understand My Truth

It has occurred to me that there are some subjects that are difficult to write about. Im interested in energy and the unconscious mind. I respect their power and am on a quest to believe, trust and understand.

How can one explain something so elusive though? My truth will be experienced differently to anothers. I see energy. Many others feel it as a tingling or some other sensation. The majority has never thought about it much at all.

Science acknowledges energy and throws around terms such as protons, particles, atoms and electrons while simultaneously delving deeper into cells and atoms to find theres nothing there. Any educated person who uses the term quantum with confidence will know I dont have a clue about this side of things!

How can I explain that the unconscious mind is so much more than a voice in ones head that can be listened to? People can be committed for less!

It seems to me that by openly expounding these things I will be either burned at the stake or labeled a fruitcake. Perhaps both. My only consolation is that fruitcake, while occasionally nutty, is also interesting with its various components and its also incredibly sweet.

I guess my question should be Does this matter if I am following what Im drawn to experience (if not understand)? Some of us stand on the cusp of the greatest final frontier. The human mind or is it the soul?

My biggest critic is myself and so I project this out onto the world as well. Imagining that my opinion of myself is anothers opinion also.

The paradox is that I know the only way to grow more and to have the co-operation of Unconscious Mind is to trust, believe and refrain from second-guessing.

Does it matter if Im off with the fairies if I have wings that make me fly?

In enlightened moments I have visions that are too real to be denied. Going with the flow of these things means more rewards in the future. I have watched a ripple of energy clearing a pathway of safety before my car as I hurtle down the freeway. I can see an illness in a body. I can observe the energy wrap its healing hands around the problem.

How can I ask for this gift and then deny it with derogatory and negating self-chatter and doubts?

There are many things that I, and millions of other people, dont understand. Perhaps we never will. It is another subject where were just looking at the tip of the iceberg.

I used to have opinions. I knew what was hokey and what was just plain stupid.

Nowadays Im not so sure. Slow to judge and wise to listen. Im also eager to observe. Im thirsty to learn, especially about myself.

Journeys of self-discovery can be lonely but they are definitely worthwhile. I consider myself to have barely raised my head to peek beyond the wall of my comfort zone .

There is, however, no going back. Having seen whats potentially beyond my current understanding and, with the hope of learning even more, I am dragged forward.

I am on a quest for my truth.