A Daily Act of Service

A Daily Act of Service

It is not a secret to anyone that we live in a very fast paced, hectic world. It often seems like we are doing all we can just to take care of our immediate circumstances and concerns. Unfortunately, we tend to get so caught up in the things that we think we absolutely must accomplish that we neglect some things that are far more essential to our lives. When we forfeit that which would contribute to our fundamental happiness for that which is ultimately of no consequence it becomes a problem in our lives.

I recently heard this notion put very succinctly by a church leader who said to beware of getting caught up in the thick of thin things.

We would all be wise to regularly assess how we are spending the moments which have been allotted us to make sure that they are being spent in the ways that we most desire. Life has a way of passing by very quickly and often we are not even aware of how much time we waste on inconsequential things. There are a thousand different voices calling out for our time and attention and we must decide which voices to heed.

We have almost endless choices about how we fill our days and how we wish to live our lives. Everyone has their own ideas about what is important to them. There is one component, however, that seems almost critical to any well lived life and that is service. Giving service to others changes who we are for the better. When we make daily service a habit we are not only helping someone else, we ourselves are being elevated in the process.

It is a rather inexplicable phenomenon wherein the more service we give, the more ability and desire to serve we seem to maintain. It is the same with love. The more love we give away the more we seem to possess.

We do not have to look very far to find ways we can be instrumental in helping others. There is no shortage of needs in our world. It does not have to be anything grand to be effective. Often it is the sincere smile or word of encouragement or understanding that changes ones’ perspective. We can be the means of bringing a little sunshine into an otherwise very dreary day for someone. We are blessed as we bless others.