5 Keys to Success Or Being in the Light

5 Keys to Success Or Being in the Light

Russell’s five keys are not difficult, but they can all be developed to a higher extent. They are not different from those that your minister or father might have taught you.

Humility Reverence Inspiration/realization. Recognition of your connection with Source multiplies your energy and allows you access to every best solution to every question. Deep Purpose. Do not waste your energy on anything that does not serve your purpose. You can decide whether you are a heavy wire, capable of carrying great loads, or a thin wire, carrying only small loads. You can wrap your coils around a core to lift tons or melt steel at the focus point. Joy. All the emotions such as happiness, enthusiasm, inspiration and intuition all lead to ecstasy. These all recharge us. And this is why we were originally placed in the Garden of Eden.

Russell says that the most ecstatic men are the most silent, even though the most dynamic. They focus intently on their purpose and little, if anything, is able to distract them. They see almost nothing that is not related to their purpose and see almost everything that is. I always think of Bill Gates, or Oprah Winfrey or the Beattles. They all knew what they wanted at a young age and (have) moved steadily forward throughout their lives.

Your Unique Guidance System:

We each have an internal guidance system that is meant to guide us toward our soul’s purpose, our heart’s desire or our deep purpose. This was our intention when we incarnated, and we know that we are on the right track when we are happy and focused and energized. If we weren’t as lucky as those mentioned above to know at an early age, then we can follow our guidance system to discover our deep purpose.

We will experience resistance whenever we are stepping away from our path, or our flow. This might show as a lack of energy, or an unpleasant feeling, or a pain. The negative emotions will cause physical symptoms if we don’t correct our path pretty quickly. The negative emotion doesn’t just mean that we are not moving toward what we want, but it means that we are attracting what we don’t want. Suffering is not good. I was raised a Catholic, and we were taught that suffering can be offered up and those offerings can save either our soul, or another’s soul. We spent many hours and days moving in the wrong direction because of this false belief.

Don’t suffer. Find the thing, event, thought or action that will take you from suffering to happiness and do that.

When you are on your path, you will naturally tap into unlimited energy and inspiration. This inspiration is from your Higher Mind that connects to Source. As long as you stay clear from distracting data you will never have any failures or impediments that will be capable of stopping you.