Month: May 2017

Your Unconscious Mind – The Language Of The Body

Our body is the storehouse of our memories and emotions. Our unconscious mind holds the key. It can open the door to present information to our conscious mind for interest, resolution or remembrance. It can close the door and archive the emotions and memories away for future reference. Unresolved experiences and emotions simmer away.

Guideline to Becoming a Certified Energy Manager at the Indian Government Institute

What does a Certified Energy Manager Do? The government of India has passed an energy conservation act in 2001, and as a result of that it has become mandatory to appoint a certified energy manager by all designated energy consumers alike: the steel industry, cement industry, paper industry, copper industries, and so forth.

5 Methods to Increase Concentration

The lack of Concentration or focused thinking is very common in today’s world. without a doubt everyone at some stage will have had trouble focusing their concentration on the task at hand below are five helpful ways to relax the mind and make it easier to Increase Concentration on a daily basis. A Good Night’s …