Month: April 2017

Is It Really More Affordable to Earn an Online Degree Compared to a Traditional College Degree?

Your State School May Be Cheaper   US News and World Report recently compared 300 ranked colleges. They found in-state tuition to earn a bachelor’s degree on-campus averaged $243 per credit.

What Is Hybrid Learning and What Are the Advantages?

What Does a Hybrid Class Look Like?   Hybrid classes can take many forms: The instructor delivers a lecture in class. Students perform assignments online, post the results on message boards and discuss them remotely. The instructor posts a presentation online.

Skyrocket Your Success by Using Your Secret Weapon

If you’ve been reading our other articles, you already know that your mind has access to Divine Intelligence whenever it is in Delta. Now, this happens at night. During dreaming sleep your brain is emitting Theta waves, but in a deeper dreamless sleep you are emitting Delta waves. This is when you have access to …