Month: November 2015

Absorb Information Efficiently With the Aid of Speed Reading

There are lots of people who are sluggish at their reading. Most of them are searching for an option to get rid of this. If you are not capable of reading more words in a short time, it is difficult become successful in many arenas. Here you can find some tips that will assist you …

Techniques For Self-Defense – A Few Ways to Help You Avoid Being a Victim

Learning skills to defend yourself in times of attack is important nowadays, not only for women but for men and women who are in jobs that require them to defend themselves from time to time. Whether you are a cop, a bouncer or just an ordinary citizen who wants to protect yourself, learning some techniques …

Using Ho’oponopono (hooponopono) To Raise Your Vibrations

Ho’oponopono (hooponopono) should be used several times a day. Dr. Hew Len speaks of constant clearing. He has verified that his own clearing was responsible for healing an entire hospital full of the criminally insane(between 1984 and 1987). What is Ho’oponopono (sometimes spelled Hooponopono or Ho oponopono)? Do not mix this with Huna.